NuWest Nurse Week 2021

happy nurses week

This Nurse's Week, we recognize and celebrate
nurses for their commitment, compassion, and


The Year of the Nurse (again)

The ANA decided that the Year of the Nurse needed an encore – we couldn’t agree more. This time around, we’re celebrating Nurse’s Week with determination and optimism for a stronger, healthier future we build together. We will never forget the incredible response of our NuWestee’s throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and will honor that as we continue to advocate for nurses health and safety in the workplace, fair compensation packages, and healthcare equity across the country. 

We are endlessly proud of you.  You are the reason the word “NuWestee” is  of a community of dedicated healthcare professionals   Thank you for answering the call when crisis struck, and every day since. The way we see it, every year is the Year of the Nurse.

letter from CEo nuwest nurses week

Letter from our CEO, Mona Veiseh

As I sit in my home office with my children milling about, it is stunning to realize it’s been more than a year since Coronavirus first hit Seattle, WA, NuWest’s hometown.  


Last March, NuWestees throughout the country dropped everything and answered the call of a global crisis that continues to impact our world today. There were many sleepless nights spent thinking about our healthcare staff on the frontlines, the sacrifices you made, the countless lives saved, and the unfortunate loss of others. I never forget those nights, and know I am not alone in that.  


I can’t deny I’m slightly biased about how wonderful our NuWestees are. The health systems from coast to coast that praised you for your integrity, compassion, and acuity time and time again – that’s factual. It takes an incredible amount of resilience to handle personal and professional tribulations without preparation, and still thrive. I am so proud to say that each and every one of you stepped up to the challenge. 


In the same manner you are committed to your patients, we are committed to you, and this Nurses Week, we want to share our endless appreciation for your contributions to communities across the nation. In the upcoming few days, keep an eye out for goodies and promo codes exclusively for our NuWestees!


With the celebration of Nurse’s Week 2021, we usher in a new era in the healthcare industry. Let’s rebuild together with patient care and healthcare equity as our foundation. In the last year, we’ve made an unforgettable impact. We can’t wait to build a brighter, healthier future together. Thank you for being a NuWest Nurse!

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