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NuWest Group is a relationship-based recruiting and talent solutions firm with over 25 years of experience solving dynamic workforce challenges in some of the most competitive markets in the world.


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Hundreds of RNs and RRTs arrive in Montana to fight covid
NBC Billings-KULR News: 200+ Healthcare workers from across nation arrive in MT to help with Covid-19 response [photo: Pixabay]
Montana Gov Bullock announces partnership with NuWest
Facebook Live/MT Gov. Press Call: Montana Government partners with NuWest to deploy 200+ RNs and RRTs [click for short clip]
United provides free flights to Guam for medical workers
Pacific Daily News: United Airlines provides free flights to Guam for medical workers [photo courtesy of United Airlines]
115 Florida RNs deployed to fight covid
ABC Action News: 115+ nurses from Florida are currently deployed across the U.S. as the front in the fight against Covid-19 continues to shift.
NuWest rapid response travel healthcare staffing
ABC Action News: Healthcare workers with NuWest Travel Nursing who answered the call to help in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic are now answering a call to help in Florida
Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.39.23 PM
Tampa Bay Times: Registered nurse Angela Riinehart examines a potential COVID-19 patient recently inside a triage tent outside Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida. The tents help prevent the virus from spreading into the emergency room and main hospital. [ @2020 KINFAY MOROTI/SPECIAL TO TAMPA BAY TIMES | Kinfay Moroti ]
NuWest Nurse Jake Furfato on the frontlines of Covid-19 response
Fox13 News Tampa: Nurses take jobs around the country to battle COVID-19 - Josh Cascio reports
NuWest ICU Nurse Amelia Stansberry
Miami Herald: Amelia Stansberry, an ICU nurse with NuWest Travel Nursing, stood on the Brooklyn Bridge during a break from her work at a New York City hospital last month. She started working in Miami this week at Baptist Health South Florida as part of the corps of travel nurses contracted to provide reinforcements to Florida hospitals. COURTESY OF AMELIA STANSBERRY

The emails she’s received in the past week from her temporary employer, a traveling nurse agency, are grim. She’ll be working at several metro hospitals. 

The agency has not sugarcoated what is ahead. 

“The facilities are understaffed, there is an overwhelming amount of sick people, and there are a lot of people that are dying each day,” read an email that Bunn received this week. “This job requires your flexibility and you must be a problem solver at all times. Even though you know this is tough, this will be initially shocking for most and be really hard physically and emotionally. Prepare for that.”

NuWest Nurse Cabrina Bunn Deploying to NYC
Reno Gazette speaks with NuWest ICU nurse Cabrina Bunn before she says goodbye to her family and deploys to the frontlines of Covid-19 response in NYC. Photo: Matt Bunn
NPR / KUOW: The EvergreenHealth Medical Center is shown on Monday, March 2, 2020, in Kirkland. CREDIT: KUOW PHOTO/MEGAN FARMER
NuWest First Responders to Seattle Coronavirus OUtbreak WA State Hospitals are Hiring Hundreds of Travel Nurses to Tackle Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the help of Washington based recruiting and talent solutions firm, NuWest Group.
NY Governor asks for additional nurses to support NYC in Coronavirus outbreak
CNBC News: NY Governor asks for additional nurses to support NYC in Coronavirus outbreak, NuWest Group responds with deployment of nearly 400 nurses in one week.(Photo courtesy of CNBC)
NuWest Travel Nursing ICU nurses travel to NYC and other areas hardest hit by COVID-19
NuWest Travel Nursing ICU nurses travel to NYC and other areas hardest hit by COVID-19. Nurses leave Elmhurst Hospital Center where COVID-19 testing continues outside, Friday, March 27, 2020, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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Since February 2020, NuWest has been at the forefront of crisis response across the country, partnering with various Health Systems and Public Health departments on the Local, State, and Federal level to deliver rapid yet sustainable deployment of quality healthcare staff. We are the firm that is called on again and again to solve the most complex challenges in front of the market today, and have received national attention for these efforts. We are dedicated to bringing this attention back to the Healthcare staff saving our communities each and every day.

In partnership with nurse advocacy organization, Nurse.Org, NuWest recognized three first responders to join the frontlines at the onset of the Coronavirus in our local Seattle area. 

our healthcare heroes

We could not have made this happen without the partnership of our neighbors at Nurse.Org. Both in recognizing these Healthcare Heroes and in driving nurses to call in during the most critical time, their support was unmatched and made all the difference. We are so grateful for their partnership and the continuous work they do as a leading resource to the nursing community.

Special thanks to our Healthcare Hero Award sponsors: Clove Shoes & Fig Scrubs