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If you are a licensed mental health therapist, we’ve got an ideal opportunity for you. This is your chance to give telehealth counseling a try with the #1 mental health platform. At NuWest, we have a remarkable track record of placing healthcare professionals for over three decades. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our newest client and to share this unique opportunity exclusively with YOU! 

Set your own schedule. See as many or as few patients as you like. And, for a limited time earn significant bonuses*.

You’ve got nothing to lose, sign up is simple, and we’ve made the vetting process super easy. 

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Current Bonus Offers

  • $1,000 first client bonus, just see your first patient within 14 days 
  • $2,000 first month bonus if you log at least 40 hours within first month  
  • Plus, ongoing $650/month health stipend for working 120+ hours per month

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* The $1,000 first client bonus available if first client in seen through the platform within 14 days of being approved. The $2,000 first month bonus for working at least 40 hours within first 30 days of account activation is only available for licensed therapists and patients in these states: CA, TX, GA, WA, MD, IL, MA, OR, CT, NJ, PA, HI. The eligibility for the $650 monthly health stipend for working 120 hours per month activates after this 120+ hours per month requirement has been met for two consecutive months.