The Impactful Internship You've Been Looking For

From the bleeding edge of space exploration to healthcare workforce innovation, our work shapes the future of our communities.



a mutually beneficial paid opportunity for young professionals looking to jump start their career, doing work that brings real impact for our business, teams, and customers.

Opportunities in recruiting, MARKETING,
sales, and project management

NuWest’s Internship Program is an unparalleled opportunity for hands-on experience with mentors who are experts in their fields. 

Those we hire for our internship program leave with experience that gets them further in their career, faster than they would have elsewhere. We look for bright, eager people who’s inexperience translates to fresh eyes and new ideas. 

You will work on projects levels above “grunt work.” NuWest interns have earned new client relationships, built candidate care programs, and developed systems that improved operations and their team’s experience and efficiency to this day. 

The Perks

do Hands-on, impactful work

  • Work on projects that have a real impact for communities across the country. 
  • Problem solve with collaborative teams for an inside look at the functions of each position within a business.

mentorship & Networking

  • Build relationships with professionals at all levels of TAG and its companies
  • Learn from executives and employees within the portfolio and have lunch with an executive.

plenty of opportunities

  • Explore multiple businesses within TAG’s portfolio to gain exposure with a variety of industries
  • Shadow professionals in positions of curiosity to learn which roles compliment your skills and interests.

Personalized assignments

  • Each intern is given a manager to report to and learn from
  • Managers assign projects that are tailored to interests you have expressed and add value to the company.
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John Sercu, Chairman and Co-Founder,TA Group Holdings
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We give people opportunities to get into roles that they might not otherwise have been able to get into, and to move into leadership roles faster than anywhere else. You’ll learn more, contribute sooner, network wider, and take away more about business than you could have imagined, from the beginning.
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Summer internships run June through August with the possibility of adjustments and extensions.  The minimum for the internship is 8 weeks, with the opportunity to extend and in some cases, be hired on as a full-time employee.

Our interns have the benefit of a  flexible, remote schedule that works around your college schedule and relates back to your coursework.

While there are no guarantees of an offer, our goal is always to give our interns a foot in the door and hire if the fit is right. For those who move on to other opportunities, you have access to a network that will help you find the right work “home.”

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