NuWest Travel RNs & RTs Deployed in Guam Prepare for Typhoon Mawar

United provides free flights to Guam for medical workers

BELLEVUE, WA, USA, May 23, 2023



On Monday, May 22nd, Guam began emergency preparations for the impact of Typhoon Mawar, currently a Category 5 and expected to be the strongest typhoon in two decades according to meteorologists at Accuweather. NuWest Healthcare has 42 traveling RNs and Respiratory Therapists on the island in service to Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA). We are actively partnering with hospital leadership to ensure our healthcare professionals stay safe as they provide care to the people of Guam. GMHA has safety measures and emergency plans in place and has relayed preparedness advice to all employees.


Patient, community, and NuWest travelers’ safety is the #1 priority for all involved. We have been in regular communication with our NuWestee healthcare professionals, with a live emergency line for 24/7 support and scheduled check-ins throughout the day between recruiters and their healthcare traveler cohorts.


RNs and RTs on shift will be compensated accordingly in a case of extended support within the hospital. They have been advised to bring any personal items they may need in case of lockdown and continue to deliver necessary care to patients. GMHA, local government and disaster organizations, and NuWest are watching the situation carefully. We will provide continuous updates and support as the storm progresses.


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