Mona Veiseh Named CEO, NuWest Healthcare

Mona Veiseh leads the charge in healthcare staffing and emergency management in response to Covid-19, named the CEO of NuWest Healthcare.

“May you live in interesting times” is a curse and a blessing. 2020 brought incredible disruption, but it also highlighted incredible leaders who helped steer their businesses through the storms. It’s with great pleasure that we celebrate two individuals for their ability to lead NuWest through this year’s interesting times.

Drumroll….may we introduce you to our new CEO of NuWest Healthcare, Mona Veiseh!

Mona joined our compliance team as an inaugural member of the Healthcare division 10 years ago. Since then, she has grown the business ten-fold and climbed through the ranks to President. Today, we are extremely proud to announce her promotion to CEO of NuWest Healthcare, now its own company within the NuWest Group family. We could speak to her many achievements, but what sets Mona apart is her deep sense of big picture empathy. She looks at the many puzzle pieces of the healthcare ecosystem – both as individual parts and with a holistic view, and develops strategies for the most positive impact across all communities. This year, she led NuWest in partnerships with Federal, State, and Local Governments, Public Health Departments, and health systems across the country to deploy thousands of critical healthcare staff, including travel nurses and vaccine developers, where they were needed most – and advocating on their behalf.

We are excited for Mona and her team to continue to help shape healthcare in 2021.