Lessons from the Women of NuWest

Lessons from the Women of NuWest

International Women’s Day is not a celebration, it’s a call to action

As a predominantly women-staffed talent solution, equality in opportunities and compensation for women in the workplace is near to our hearts. We believe actions speak louder than words, so we’re putting those first. Scroll down to read words of advice from Women at NuWest.


There is a disproportionate gap in the representation of women in S.T.E.M. professions, many of which are the most sought after and highest paying skillsets. Without women in these roles, equality is nearly impossible and companies miss out on the many advantages of having cognitive dissonance within teams. Thankfully, there are incredible organizations that are changing that narrative.


of engineers are women

NuWest Tech is a Grace Hopper sponsor of Ignite Worldwide, a non-profit empowering girls to enroll in S.T.E.M related courses.


of tech professionals are women


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I was always taught to be apologetic, be polite, and don’t make waves; but you have to be bold, be brave, be direct, and make waves if you want people to listen to and hear what you’re saying.




  • Be bold, be brave, be direct, and make waves if you want people to listen to and hear what you’re saying.
  • It’s ok to fail, as long as you learn from every failure.
  • The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself.
  • Combat stereotypes by commanding respect and being confident in your capabilities.
  • Never stop pushing or reaching higher; you WILL succeed.
  • Create space for other women to learn and grow. Extend your hand to the women in your shoes 3 years ago.
  • Don’t make yourself smaller, quieter, or less noticeable to make others more comfortable.
  • Think creatively and critically, but not at the same time.
  • Separate out when you work through logistics and when you are ideating.
  • Your work performance does not reflect your worth
  • Focus on learning, not validation. Learning is in your control and guaranteed to benefit you.
  • Validation is shallow and fleeting
  • Investing in people pays off if you’re willing. totake the time.
  • Elevate people to new roles just slightly before they’re “ready”. They will rise to the occasion.
  • Celebrate the small wins!
  • Be friendly, approchable, knowledgeable, and resourceful and you will stand out and keep long-term relationships.
  • It’s important to see women in leadership roles to inspire others to reach for more.
  • Perserverence and adaptability are everything. These are so much more important than worrying about getting something to “perfect”
  • There is a delicate balance between guidance and autonomy.
  • No matter how new you are or how much you know about a situation or task, nothing beats hard work, tenacity, teamwork, and a strong desire to succeed!