Taking Care of You
with Industry Leading Travel Nursing Benefits

We are committed to making your travel assignment with NuWest an amazing experience. Our benefits package was built with you and your family as top of mind! We are committed to offering our nurses and Allied Professionals lucrative packages that include generous pay, medical benefits, housing stipends or resources, travel expense reimbursements, and the flexibility to create a compensation package strategy that best fits your needs. We plan to stand out among the rest for our unparalleled customer service, relentless dedication to candidate care, and responsiveness. We want to create long lasting partnerships that enable you to do what you want to do, where you want to do it through NuWest for as long as you wish!

Following is an overview of our benefits offering when you partner with NuWest:

Wage and benefits summary

At NuWest, our goal is to communicate the details of your assignment, benefits, and compensation package with clarity and transparency. We work hard to make this part easy. You’ve got enough on your mind getting to know a brand new city and new home. We will put all of the details of your hourly pay rate, per diem rate, benefits, and expected net take-home pay in a written document that will help you prepare for your next adventure. When you’re considering a travel nursing job with us, we want you to know all the details prior to packing your bags, so that you have every ability to manage your budget and time accurately.

We have you covered

Travel nursing can require many different certifications and licenses. The costs can really add up. NuWest will help you make arrangements for any physical examinations and immunizations you may need to start working. Additionally, we customize our compensation packages to help cover the cost of other certifications or licenses you need to start an assignment. We are here to make compliance a straightforward and painless process.

Travel reimbursement

Getting to your next assignment can present extra costs. We want to help! NuWest offers up to $1,000 to cover approved expenses involved with getting to your new assignment. You can choose how you travel and have extra resources to put toward those costs!


We offer participation in a 401k plan. Your contributions are completely voluntary and would be processed through payroll deduction. Eligible candidates will be employed on December 31st and have 1,000 hours during the plan year in order to participate.

Tax compliance

We are committed to ensuring that both you and our agency are in full compliance with all IRS rules and regulations. It is our goal to help you get the maximum legal tax benefit allowed by law. We use data recognized by the IRS that is specific to each region to help you calculate and maximize your take home pay.


What works best for you? You have options. We can offer you a housing subsidy to fund the housing option that you select. We can find and pay for private housing in the area you select to live. Your recruiter will ensure that you select the options that best fit your needs and interests. We want you to feel secure and comfortable wherever you chose to live when you travel with us.

Paid time off

After you’ve worked with us for 6 months, you will be eligible for Holiday Pay when you average 30 hours or more a week. Eligible holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

If you are working on contract within the Seattle city limits, you are eligible for Seattle Paid/Sick Leave (PSST). You will accrue one hour of PSST for every 30 hours worked. This time accrued will not be eligible for use until on contract for 6+ months through NuWest Group. After that 6 month marker, any PSST time used, must first be approved time-off by your onsite supervisor, but will be paid out by NuWest Group. Please find additional information and uses of PSST here: http://www.seattle.gov/civilrights/SickLeave.htm

Insurance coverage

You can choose to participate in a comprehensive package that offers health, dental, vision, voluntary Group Life, AD&D, and long term disability coverage. For health insurance coverage, we offer our travel nurses, Allied Professionals, and their qualified dependents a low-deductible PPO plan through United Healthcare that covers doctor visits, wellness exams, diagnostic tests, prescription medications and hospitalization, nationwide. Benefit eligibility begins at the first of each month following the beginning of a contract, and runs through the end of the month in which the contract ends.

Additional benefits and bonus opportunities

In addition to the generous travel nursing salaries, NuWest offers a $500 Referral Bonus in appreciation for quality referrals once they have worked for us for four weeks.

Longevity Bonus – every 1500 hours completed with NuWest within one year, you will receive a $500 bonus as our appreciation for your commitment to our clients and NuWest.

We offer a 50% reimbursement on Public Transportation Cards – Please submit your receipt to payroll by the end of the month and we will reimburse for 50% of it. Reimbursements must be submitted within 45 days and will only be paid out upon copy of receipt.