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We’re Hiring Recruiters!


NuWest group is a fast-growing recruiting firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.  Since 1992, our clients have relied on us to find highly specialized talent that keeps them at the forefront of their industries.  We excel at staffing within Healthcare, Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical), Manufacturing, Information Technology and Lab Sciences by placing the right people to catalyze our clients success, and we’re hiring recruiters!

We have been successful both as professionals and as a company because we are constantly sitting on the edge of our comfort zone.  We are not afraid to try new things and to make mistakes.  We empower our team to seek creative solutions and to solve problems, with the understanding that not every experiment will be a win.  This mindset is embraced across the organization, from the CEO to our most recent hires. Our goal is to provide an honest and transparent environment where people who are willing to work hard can succeed.

We could brag about the free food, happy hours, Seahawks games, boat trips, and a list of outstanding perks,  but that’s not what makes NuWest a great company to work for.  Our ability to operate professionally and reward our employees for their success is the reason many people have chosen to stay with the company for years.  We provide merit-based compensation with compensation accelerators as you grow your own book of business. What motivates you? If it is driving your own success with a support team that does whatever it takes to make sure you meet your personal and professional goals than NuWest could be right for you.  We are hiring and would love to have the opportunity to learn more about you!



  • Energetic, able to handle several priorities in a day
  • Curious
  • Not afraid to try (and sometimes fail)
  • A connector
  • Plays nice in the sandbox with others
  • Love playing games, competing with yourself and keeping score
  • Like to control your own destiny – maybe a little Type-A
  • Leadership tendencies
  • High emotional IQ – you are a person whisperer




  • Meet and connect people with opportunities through any and all channels; phone, text, email, social media, in person too!
  • Build relationships with the best candidates through recruiting active job seekers as well as connecting with passive talent in the marketplace.
  • Collaborate with teams to achieve goals and grow your book of business and that of NuWest.
  • Learn about a wide range of business verticals and business problems
  • Collaborate with clients to solve their hiring challenges
  • Learn new tricks of the trade every day from experts around you and from your own experiences
  • Build your own book of business (aka empire) with candidates and/or clients depending on your flavor of fun
  • Become a leader of people, projects or initiatives when you are ready for a new challenge (usually it happens before you really feel “ready”)



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