Software Development Engineer (R8)

Blue Origin Software Development Engineer (R8)


Part 1:

  • Hiring Manager: Matt Piatt
  • Address (work site location): 21218 76th Ave S. , Kent WA 98032
  • Budget (or set markup): markup 60% (or equivalent with benefits added)
  • Contract duration: 6-18 months
  • Conversion schedule: 6 months, but they say they are not planning on doing it


Part 2:


  • What this manager oversees and what this team does/owns:
  • creating re-usable software components for various spaceflight ground and test systems.



  • Details about the specific project this person is being hired for:
  • CEO has mandated that all project deadlines are met and has opened the floodgates to hiring to boost team’s capacity to delivery projects faster.  There are 400 regular fte openings and they estimate it will take at least 2 years to catch up on staffing. 

Details about this role/responsibilities/etc



Software Development Engineer R8


Job Description:


As part of a small, passionate and accomplished team of experts, you will be responsible for creating re-usable software components for various spaceflight ground and test systems. You will share in the team’s impact on all aspects of re-usable, safety-critical component development and delivery.  Together, our teams deliver the on-board and ground software that monitors and controls fully autonomous spacecraft. This position will directly impact the history of space exploration and will require your dedicated commitment and detailed attention towards safe and repeatable spaceflight.




  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to create software to support command and diagnostics of human capable spacecraft for both orbital and sub-orbital programs.
  • Define and develop verifiable requirements and software designs.
  • Write verification plans and test procedures to assure code meets safety critical standards and functions.
  • Write code to implement designs in C/C++.
  • Write code to implement tests in C/C++ or a higher level language.
  • Use static analysis and code coverage tools to meet development assurance objectives.
  • Create performance tests to benchmark throughput and latency of software.  Identify and fix any bottlenecks found.
  • Find, fix, and review software issues that are not in conformance with established standards and functionality.




  • Minimum of a B.S. degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, aerospace, or related field
  • 5+ years of software development experience.
  • Demonstrable systems software development experience at the OS and Application software boundary
  • Experience writing multi-threaded applications for both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Strong software design and development skills, particularly in C/C++.
  • Strong testing and verification skills.
  • Hands-on experience with high level languages such as Java, C#, or Python.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or national, U.S. permanent resident (current Green Card holder), or lawfully admitted into the U.S. as a refugee or granted asylum.




  • Experience with safety-critical software development
  • Hands on experience with Linux, GNU toolchain, Python, Lua,  real-time operating systems, serial communications, IP networking, and developing secure systems.


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